A Summer Fragrance That Matches Your Personality, Men’s Edition

Hey gents, just like the ladies, we know there are burning questions that keep you up at night: What will our political climate look like in 5 years? How can we save the dolphins? Do people like my mustache or are they just being nice? And the killer of them all: Is this fragrance really me?

Kevin Shroff, perfumer at Waft, brainstormed a few summer fragrances for you that evoke a distinct personality. Check them out for inspiration then head to waft.com to create your own. Now about that mustache …

Fragrance Personality: The Bachelor

He doesn’t need to go on the reality TV show, because that’s just his reality. His friends can never keep track of his flourishing dating life. He’s daring, funny, surprisingly honest for a sweet talker and has, hands down, the wildest stories. All of them completely ridiculous and based on firsthand experience. He thinks most shirt buttons are optional, especially when Patrón is involved. Sure, even his best mates (not to mention the ladies) shake their heads at his lifestyle, but there is something so disarmingly charming about this guy. And anyway, he’s the party, and life without him would be that much more boring and buttoned up.

His summer fragrance smells seductive, charming and unconventional.

Fragrance Combination Idea: Red Piment, Guaiacwood, Olibanum, Cardamom

Fragrance Personality: The Born Leader

Speaking of buttoned up. All buttons are mandatory plus a tie and pomade for this guy. He’s got his tailor on speed dial. Articulate and with a killer wardrobe, he never misses a beat, not even on Sundays because that’s when his velvet loafers make their cameo. He stays cool under pressure and although ambitious, his heart is always in the right place. He is well-versed in international affairs and is never intimidated, not even by his in-laws. Self-motivated, he’s got drive like Ryan Gosling’s never seen, and is just an admirable man. Basically, you’d vote for him for president because of all the above, but also because he just looks so good in blue.

His summer fragrance smells bold, confident and distinguished.

Fragrance Combination Idea: Galbanum, Leather, Patchouli, Labdanum

Fragrance Personality: The Outdoorsman

He’s the most physically coordinated person you know. He’s ultra competitive. At everything, even foosball. But it’s the best type of competitive — the good-natured, happy to have just played the game — type of competitive. Whether you’re a girl or guy, he’s your best friend. His positivity and can-do attitude is infectious and if he were a color, he’d be green. But it would be a blurry green because he’s always in motion. He loves camping, and without having to be reminded, he knows that the best way to recharge is to unplug and get out there. And man, is he resourceful. Give him two twigs and he’ll build you a treehouse complete with hot tub.

His summer fragrance smells earthy, warm and masculine.

Fragrance Combination Idea: Pine Needle, Sage, Tonka Bean, Angelica Root

Fragrance Personality: The Urban Hipster

He can be identified in every metropolitan city by his signature trademarks, such as: flannel, skinny jeans, beard and / or top knot. He’s creatively inclined, thoughtful, and avoids mainstream everything. Not because he wants to be a contrarian, but because he has a distinct taste for music, design and, well, life really. Preferring one-on-ones and craft IPAs, he had a nightmare once that he had to wear a polo. He rides a fixed gear. He might be in a band. He’s mostly silent in groups, but occasionally delivers a sarcastic comment so insightful, funny, well-timed and on-point, that people stop, stare and silently ask, “Who dat?”

His summer fragrance smells thoughtful, complex and intriguing.

Fragrance Combination Idea: Lavender, Bergamot, Sage, Sandalwood

Fragrance Personality: The Sweetheart

First things first, nice guys don’t finish last. They’re probably more satisfied with life than most of their male counterparts. And why is that? Well, they choose steady jobs, steady relationships and an adorable golden retriever. Plus, they’re close with their family. Sunday potlucks, and the such. 4th of July picnics, and so forth. Another way to put it, your nice guy knows what matters to him. A family with 2.5 kids and his closest mates are his main jam. All the singletons are wondering why there can’t be more of him. Well, the truth is, he’s basically been in a relationship for a decade, is engaged or married. The emotionally stable, will-fix-the-toilet and commit types, where art thou, cried everyone on Tinder.

His summer fragrance smells refreshing, clean and elegant.

Fragrance Combination Idea: Lemon, Rose, Vetiver, Sandalwood

Doesn’t sound quite like you? Well, of course not, you’re a one-of-a-kind man. Head to waft.com to create the perfect fragrance that reflects your vibe.