A Summer Perfume That Matches Your Personality, Women’s Edition

There seems to be a few questions that keep mankind up at night. Will there ever be world peace? How can we address climate change? Are these jeans the right cut for my body type? And perhaps the most nagging of them all: is this perfume really me?

Kevin Shroff, perfumer at Waft, brainstormed a few summer fragrances that evoke a distinct personality. So, here are some ideas, get inspired and then head to waft.com to create your own aura-in-a-bottle. Without further ado …

Perfume Personality: The Life of the Party

She exudes charisma and gives the best hugs. She can talk herself out of any situation and can charm the pants off a boardroom as easily as she can her friends. She’s the best type of extrovert, the kind that brings people together with ease, a sense of fun and good-natured optimism. She’s the first on your guest list when you’re having a dinner party, and her smile lights up the room. Dependable without ever being boring, she’s a best friend and a genuine dose of sunshine, no matter the season.

Her summer perfume smells bright, sparkling, cheerful.

Fragrance Combination Idea: Apricot, Petit Grain Oil, Cardamom, Vanilla

Waft Personalised Perfume Summer Fragrance Personality The Life of Party

Perfume Personality: The Next Kate Middleton

True elegance is hard to pull off. Believe us, we’ve tried. But gosh darn it, she’s done it. As elegant as can be, she’s flower petals and fresh apricot and everything nice (except for sugar, because that’s actually horrible for you). Sharp, witty and poised, her wardrobe is to die for. She could be the next Kate Middleton. You have a sneaky suspicion she’s great at floral arranging. She gets up at 6am to jog a billion miles, but still has energy to listen and dish out gentle but firm real talk to slightly more neurotic friends.

Her summer perfume smells fresh, elegant, radiant and put together.

Fragrance Combination Idea: Jasmine, Tuberose, Apricot, Pepper

Waft Personalised Perfume Summer Fragrance Personality The Next Kate Middleton

Perfume Personality: The Indie Lily

Too cool for school? Yes, she actually is. She’s got character and is effortlessly cool. She’s complex with a delicate femininity, but also an alternative edge. Everyone (of all genders) seems to be in love with her, and it’s not just this fragrance that’s to blame. She’s unconventional, has depth and is quite frankly a bit of a mystery. Wasn’t she in a band at one point? Or maybe that was her boyfriend? Regardless, she’s like your favorite indie band. Catchy but only in the most unique way. We can’t promise she’ll remember you, but it’s unlikely you’ll forget her.

Her summer perfume smells unforgettable, complex, intriguing.

Fragrance Combination Idea: Lily, Pink Osmanthus, Black Currant, Sesame

Waft Personalised Perfume Summer Fragrance Personality Indie Lily

Perfume Personality: The French Girl

She’s fresh-faced but mysterious, sophisticated but not overdone. Utterly beguiling, she knows herself and exudes confidence with a dash of daring. Statement pieces are her thing. You would totally copy her style except her clothes never seem to have a brand associated with it. It’s a mystery where she gets them, really, it’s like magic. And you don’t want to be nosy and pry, but by Merlin’s beard! you’re going to get to the bottom of it one day. She’s always the right-amount-of-late, wears red lipstick like she was born with it, well, what we’re basically trying to say is, she’s French. Et. Voila. Parfait.

Her summer perfume smells pretty, alluring, sophisticated.

Fragrance Combination Idea: Jasmine, Sesame, Pink Pepper, Cedarwood

Waft Personalised Perfume Summer Fragrance Personality French Girl

Perfume Personality: The Elemental Child

Sunny, beachy, and never overdone. She’s a free-spirit who values the ocean breeze more than creature comforts or stability. She’s a wind-in-your-hair, sun-on-your-back poster child and can usually be found frollicking (somewhere, anywhere with or without shoes). Everything about her flows, including her clothes (even when there is no wind, scratches head). Her elemental magnetism is as natural as the moon to the waves. You can’t depend on her to return your calls, but you can depend on her to surprise you. She’s a welcome breath of fresh air.

Her summer perfume smells like a salty, beachy, floral breeze.

Fragrance Combination Idea: Salt, Orange Flower, Frangipani, Patchouli

Waft Personalised Perfume Summer Fragrance Personality Elemental Child

Perfume Personality: The Natural Beauty

Warm and wise beyond her years. She goes out with barely a trace of make up. Because she’s got a glow. At first, we suspected expensive skincare, but nope. It’s a natural glow (the injustice). She’s reassured, earthy and exudes the type of femininity that makes us feel safe and at home. She’s thoughtful with a zest for life. She always has some creative project going on, and is every baby or small child’s favorite person. Oh and she has an herb garden. We would roll our eyes right about now, except we couldn’t imagine life without her.

Her summer perfume smells warm, natural, joyful.

Fragrance Combination Idea: Neroli, Orange Blossom, Amber, Musk

Waft Personalised Perfume Summer Fragrance Personality Natural Beauty

Doesn’t quite sound like you? Well, of course not. You’re unique. 🙂 Tell us a little bit more about yourself at waft.com and our perfumers will magic up a fragrance after your own heart.