Be Like Brad Pitt: A Fragrance Guide For Men

Are you a dude? Great, read on. Have you always wanted to be like Brad Pitt or George Clooney or (secretly) Ryan Gosling circa The Notebook? Amazing, continue. Here’s a quick Q&A on why the right fragrance will transform you into the male lead of a romcom.

Why is fragrance important?

Brad Pitt certainly didn’t become Brangelina by wearing 24 hour anti-bacterial deodorant as his daily fragrance. A few Einsteins informed the world that we put our noses to work when choosing a partner. Our sense of smell can subconsciously determine whether or not we deem someone compatible.

So, single lads, besides your go-to dating app, a fragrance that enhances your natural scent is your next best ally. It’s all very primitive and evolutionarily foolproof, we promise, just google Claus Wedekind. For those who are taken, knowing how to wear a fragrance enhances your George Clooney, sharp and sophisticated demeanor. And, who doesn’t enjoy an innocent “you smell great” compliment now and then?

Why should I upgrade from the fragrance I’ve been wearing forever?

Did your high school ex tell you they love Old Spice, a decade later they’re long gone but the Old Spice isn’t? You like tried and true, we get it. But, it’s time to take it to the next level. Last we heard, you were in the business of adulting. That means you should probably ghost the Old Spice and bat in the big leagues with a customized fragrance.

How do I choose the right fragrance?

The first advice of choosing a fragrance? Use your own judgment. No asking everyone and their Mom and your Uncle Rudy for an opinion. Like most decisions, you’re the one that has to live with it. (Wow, that was so wise, it gave us goose bumps.) And don’t forget to let the fragrance settle for a few hours. There are notes that only reveal themselves after the fragrance has had a chance to mingle with your body chemistry. And when you know, you know, just like true love.

Where should I go to shop for a fragrance?

The world of fragrance is full of mass-made department store scents. Who feels comfortable sniffing a million testers and stale coffee beans in front of (pushy) salespeople? No one. No one feels comfortable.

Well, here’s an alternative: Waft’s Olfactory Lab. It’s an online journey that helps you create signature scents that you’re comfortable and confident in. The best part? Customized fragrances are delivered right to your doorstep. So, just remember, only sniff stale coffee beans when, nope, please don’t ever sniff stale coffee beans.

How do I wear it?

The truth is, you’re a wonderful man, and no wonderful man should be compared to the smell of an Abercrombie store. The most common mistake men make is overdoing fragrance. We know you love your new Waft fragrance, but everything in moderation, my friend.

A few targeted spritzes (chest, neck or wrists) will do. If your entire office can smell your customized fragrance, then you know something went awry. Because, the only time you and all your coworkers should be intoxicated by the same thing is at the annual office party.

Is it really that simple?

You’ve got this. A few clicks on, a few less-is-more spritzes of personalized fragrance, and you’re on your way to being that sharp, polished leading man you were born to be. Is that the red carpet rolling out in front of you? Watch out, Brad.

Bonus Tip: How to layer your fragrances.