Conquer The 4 Hurdles To Buying The Best Mother’s Day Gift

If you’re like most people, a postmortem report on past Mother’s Day gifts would involve ignoring your obligations until the very last minute, if not all together, and presenting her with something wonderfully underwhelming.

Well, here we are again and the clock is ticking once more. After last year’s blunder, you’ve learned that her gift expectations have evolved from doodle-on-construction-paper and a bear hug. Alas, no, she won’t think you’re the next Jackson Pollock like she did when you were 8, and yes. You’re an adult now. So, what to do?

Well lucky you, we have the perfect gift to absolve your past sins and catapult you to favorite-child status. Here are the 4 most difficult hurdles of choosing a Mother’s Day Gift and how Waft clears each and everyone one of them.

1) A gift that she likes

Right. So just because they’re all called “Mom” doesn’t mean they all like the same things. Tommy may be signing his Mom up for a yoga retreat, but your Mom would rather na-imma-stay in bed than namaste. And that brings us to most difficult hurdle of Mother’s Day gifting: finding her something she will actually like.

With Waft, you can send her an invite to go through an easy online journey to create her own perfume. Gone is the risk that you’ve picked something she hates, and all that’s left is the glory bestowed upon a gifting genius.

2) A gift that’s special

Do chocolates and flowers come to mind? Uh-huh [stifles yawn]. Besides the fact that you’ve given her enough chocolate over the past years to induce a sugar coma, you abhor being a bore.

Waft does the hard work of creating something special for you. We work with the top perfumers around the world and only use the highest quality ingredients. Our entire mission is to create unforgettable, customized fragrances, so you can rest assured that you’ll have given Mom something truly unique.

3) A gift that expresses your love

There are only so many ways to say “I Love You” on a Mother’s Day card … especially if you only speak one language.

Waft perfume lets you take it to the next level by giving you the option of naming the perfume bottle and engraving a special message. Whatever you choose to say, this is an opportunity to let sentimentality shine and cheesiness reign.

4) A gift that’s easy

No matter how much you may like aimlessly speed-walking through malls, there’s probably a better use of your time. With Waft, you never have to leave the comfort of your mobile phone. Settle back and navigate your way to sainthood with just a few clicks.

No one likes the shape of an L on their forehead. A personalized perfume set from Waft is fun, convenient, and most importantly, a truly special way to celebrate Mom. After all, she deserves it. So, gift a personalized perfume and be a winner this year.